Water & Salt:: The Essence Of Life: The Healing Power of Nature

What is the importance of salt in the body?  We are salty beings … have you ever tasted your tears or your sweat?   This book, Water & Salt:: The Essence of Life: The Healing Power of Nature is full of well researched facts about the human body, disease, health, and beauty as it relates to salt.  Did you know you can use salt to improve your sinuses, eye problems, oral health, and allergies?  Did you know you can use salt for beauty wraps, baths, facials, and to improve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  Did you know that the right kind of salt can help alkalize your body as well as increase your energy?  We are not talking about common table salt but pure and natural Himalayan Crystal Salt.
Salt has been vilified as the cause of hyper-tension, dehydration, and ill health.  When processed salt is used in canned and packaged foods it is indeed a health robber and we are better off without it.  On the other hand, natural salt from the earth is a health booster necessary for shining health.  We are electric beings and salt provides the spark for cell communication.

This simple-to-read book by author Dr. Barbara Hendel is well researched and provides surprising facts about the human body  & health as it relates to the proper kind of salt.  Dr. Hendel provides the recipe for Sole, as well as, natural beauty remedies such as salt baths, wraps and scrubs.  She provides many remedies for health concerns like allergies, lung health, and heavy metal detox.

You will never look at grocery store salt again once you learn the difference!

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