Vitamix- Queen of the Blenders


The Naked Radish Recommendation: Vita-Mix 5026 with 64 oz. container 

Look no further that the Vita-Mix for your new best friend in the kitchen!

The Vita-Mix is the most versatile, super-powered, sturdy, and reliable blender on the market; I use mine every single morning to make my green protein smoothies and throughout the day to create salad dressings, soups, juices, ice cream and homemade nut butters.

Due to the length of time I have been mixing, playing, and creating in the kitchen I have had the opportunity to experiment with 4-5 different brands of blenders and this is the first one that has truly won my heart.  If you are looking for a kitchen tool to make cooking easier, more efficient, cleaner and allow more space for creativity, this one is for you.  

With the Vita-Mix, you can experiment with new, delicious smoothie recipes, create vegan, vegetarian and raw foods in a snap, make cocktails and homemade dressings and dips for entertaining purposes, and blend up juices that are big enough to fill the whole family!

There’s nothing this blender cannot blend, chop or slice to perfection.  When you purchase yours, be sure to leave me a comment with some of your newest kitchen creations for you or the family!

What makes this machine so brilliant?

- A large stainless steel blade that has the power to easily blend through the roughest, toughest ingredients.

- A motor built to withstand years of daily use in both home and commercial kitchens. I’ve had mine for 10 years!

- The speed dial which allows users to apply different levels of blending power depending on what they are making.

-An accelerator tool to help breakdown and blend thick mixtures.

- The option of a 32, 48, or 64-ounce container depending on the needs of your culinary adventures.

- Vitamix has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you have second thoughts you can return a machine within the first 30 days for a full refund and they even pay return shipping.

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Vita-Mix 5026 with 64 oz. container

On a tighter budget?  Ninja Pro Blender 

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