Produce Sweater Box – Cleaning fruits & veggies in 1/2 the time.


The Naked Radish Recommendation: Clear Plastic Storage Box

When I say sweater box, yes, I mean the big plastic bins you store your winter sweaters in under your bed! However, there’s now a new and innovate way to put these babies to work…I have turned mine into a washing receptacle to clean my fruits & veggies in half the time!! When you juice as much as I do, these boxes will truly save you hours.

I LOVE my Produce Sweater Box; it’s where dirt, debris and the traveling lady bugs can be gently washed away in preparation for juicing. The days of  washing 1 to 5 leaves of romaine under running water in the faucet, or washing 3 stalks of celery by hand are over. I tell you, this Produce Sweater Box and some stainless steel bowls will increase your produce consumption forever because they make it soooo easy to wash produce. In the big restaurants, they use stainless steel sinks filled with water to wash large quantities of produce.

Now, we can do the same in our home kitchens!

When I started my health journey, I kept reading “fill your sink up with water and wash your veggies.” What, are you crazy?? You know what goes in that sink??? Chicken washings and floor washings. Uh huh, not putting my produce in there.

How to care for your Produce Sweater Box:
I never use soap on the inside of my Produce Sweater Box because I don’t want soap lingering onto my vegetables. There is no fat, scum, or grime involved in the washing of veggies; just some dirt that gets rinsed away, so no soap is required.

Simply rinse off the box, dry the outside and place on a shelf, in a cabinet, or in a pantry. My stainless steel bowls and Produce Sweater Box sit on an open air shelf above my fridge. I love seeing them there.

They are my trusty friends, ready to serve and happy to do it!!

To utilize your produce sweater box for speedy cleaning, follow the steps below:

1. Fill your produce sweater box 1/2 way with water.

2. Submerse your whole fruits and veggies into the water and gently massage away the dirt, lingering bugs and grocery store debris.

3. Remove from produce sweater box and shake off the remaining water.

4. Transfer to the stainless steel bowls for Step #2 of your juicing journey!

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all of your produce is clean.

For your juicing needs, the The Naked Radish Recommendation is: Clear Plastic Storage Box.

Happy washing, my friends!

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