The Magic Equipment for Juicing (not what you expect!)


The Naked Radish Recommendation:

1) Produce Sweater Box

2) Stainless Steel Silver bowls

Why you ask, Read on!

A huge piece of the juicing puzzle is washing all those cute fruits and veggies that will soon be your elixir of youth and health. We gotta get the sand, dirt, and possible traveling lady bugs, that might be inhabiting your produce, out in order for them to be ready for juicing.

Even if you purchase pre-washed produce in the plastic containers, trust me, there is debris in there which you don’t want to be drinking. A quick and easy rinsing routine is key to the longevity of your juicing practice.

The Up the Clean and the Green:
There are two key pieces of equipment required for successful and FAST produce washing.

The  Produce Sweater Box is awesome because I can place produce into a large amount of water which allows dirt, debris and the traveling lady bugs to float off. The days of  washing 1 to 5 leaves of romaine under running water in the faucet, or washing 3 stalks of celery by hand are over. I tell you, this Produce Sweater Box and some stainless steel bowls will increase your produce consumption forever because they make it soooo easy to wash produce. In the big restaurants, they use stainless steel sinks filled with water to wash large quantities of produce. Now, we can do the same in our home kitchens!

When I started my health journey, I kept reading “fill your sink up with water and wash your veggies.” What, are you crazy?? You know what goes in that sink??? Chicken washings and floor washings. Uh huh, not putting my produce in there.

The Stainless Steel Silver bowls bowls allow for movement of ingredients and temporary holding of food items during prep work.  They are handy for soaking, mixing, and storing.   These bowls are a must have in a healthy kitchen!

 Here is the procedure:

Produce takes 2 washings to be clean.

1. Fill your produce sweater box half way with water.

2. Place produce into the box. If more water is needed, continue filling.

3. Swish, rub, shimmy and shake your produce. This will loosen any debris.

4. By the handful, place produce into your stainless steel bowl.

5. Pour water out of the Produce Sweater Box and begin refilling the box with water while placing the first rinsed produce back into water.

6. Shimmy and Shake once again..more debris, sand, dirt and ladybugs may be released.

7. Again, by the handful, place produce from your Box to Stainless Steel Bowl. The Box is ready for your next gaggle of veggies.

And THAT is why a produce sweater box & stainless steel silver bowls are so valuable when it comes to your at-home juicing adventures!


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