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Naked Radish Recommendations for Juicing: Strainer & Spatula

You’ve prepared your green elixir of health, and it’s sitting in a stainless steel bowl.  Awesome, Step 1, done!  Now it’s time to separate the pulp from the juice. You do this by pouring the juice through a large mesh strainer into another trusty stainless steel bowl (we told you stainless steel bowls will become your healthy kitchen BFFs). While you’re straining your fresh juice, you’ll see a back up of juice in the strainer, simply swish the juice circularly inside the strainer and it will strain through.  Step 2, check!

Wait — not quite yet! You don’t want to waste even a drop of your delicious juice and there’s definitely more hiding in that pulp!  Using a spatula, push down on the remaining pulp sitting in the strainer until all the juice has been delivered into the bowl – now you’ve saved all the juice

Alternately, instead of using a spatula to make sure you get all your juice out of the pulp, you can go hippie style.  In place of the spatula, use the backside of your hand (make a fist, now loosen your hand, and push on pulp with hands from fingers to first knuckles).

NOW go enjoy your green elixir of health – you sooo deserve it!

*** Have you ever wondered the health differences between straining the pulp (juicing) vs. drinking the pulp (blending)?

Check out Kris Carr’s Infographic on the differences.

Naked Radish Recommendations for Juicing: Strainer & Spatula

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