Great Scrubbing Brushes


These are THE brushes you need for cleaning your juicer and juicing containers:

Libman Big Job Kitchen Brush

OXO Bottle Brush with small brush included

Straw Brush, Baby Sippy Cup Brush (just because/great to have)

You just bought your new juicer, right? Awesome. Trust us you’re going to love it and start noticing the health benefits right away. However, if you’re reading this, you’re either afraid of the clean-up process (keep reading because you don’t have to be) or you realized the hard way that the brush that came with your juicer ain’t all that and a bag of chips kale. The good news is there are some super cool, affordable brushes that will make the clean-up process simple, quick, and not feel like a total chore (we know you have a million other things to do). Since we’re masters at juicing (and the unavoidable clean-up process), we’ll show you how we do it.

The key to juicing clean up is using a firm, not too tiny brush. That’s why the brush that comes with your juicer makes cleaning the juicer 10X harder than it needs to be – the manufactures care about making a good juicer not a good brush. Firm brushes are the best for the job because they give you more than one way to maneuver them (making sure you easily get in every nook and cranny). The three brushes we recommend all fit the job perfectly.

The Libman Big Job Kitchen Brush is your main scrubbing brush. It’s awesome because it has two usable surfaces. The main head of the brush can be used for the first big sweep over the juice basket. Then the smaller and firmer part of the brush is perfect for getting any veggie fibers that didn’t come out with the bigger part of the brush. It may take a little elbow grease to remove stuck veggie fibers (you could even consider it part of your arm workout for the day), but it is super easy with this smaller firmer section of the brush.

OXO Bottle Brush is another great option and has several uses for all your juicing equipment. The main part of the brush is perfect to clean the inside of the juice basket and inside the juice chute. The cool part of the OXO bottlebrush is it has a nipple attachment that sits inside the handle of the brush. This nipple attachment is perfect for any other hard to reach spots on your juicer. We also use it to clean our Life Factory {} glass water bottles and covers (these bad boys are the best bottles to use on the go). Nipple brushes rock because they clean all those hard to reach tiny crevices.

Besides cleaning your juicer, both the Libman Big Job Kitchen Brush and the OXO Bottle Brush are perfect for quick and easy cleaning of your canning jars and lids.

The last brush we want to share with you definitely looks a little strange, but is such a cool tool to have in your kitchen. It’s the Brushtech Sports Bottle cleaner and it’s designed to clean cups with reusable straws. This brush allows you to actually get into the straw area and clean it properly (you know there’s usually a ton of germs hanging out there, right?) so your cup can serve you or your little tykes without worry of bacteria or fungus setting up home inside an unclean straw.

Check out this video by Brushtech showing you exactly how to use it. 

Now you have the scoop on the best brushes to clean your juicer, juicer accessories, and more! No excuses, it’s time to juice – and clean!

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