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The Naked Radish Recommendation: Oxo Good Grips 15 by 21 cutting board, black edge

One of the very first things you should invest in as you create your healthy home kitchen is a set of sturdy, multi-purpose cutting boards. They are a must have, and you’ll be surprised at how often you’ll  use them to chop veggies for a quick salad, prepare dinner entrees and sides,  slice and peel potatoes for a new recipe, and to get fruits and veggies ready for juicing –  the possibilities are endless.  Heck, your best bet is to just leave them ready to go on the counter at a moment’s notice!

Over the years, the Naked Radish team has experimented with all types of cutting boards: bamboo, glass, wood, plastic, rubber, and even steel boards (yes, they actually exist). After trying out so many boards, we now agree that our favorite board is the Oxo Good Grip 15” by 21” cutting board.

Why the Oxo Good Grip Board? Glad you asked (you know we love our sharing our experiences and tips)!

The Oxo board has 3 important components that make it our best pick: material, size, and grip. 

Material: Oxo boards are made of plastic, which researchers and experts agree are easier to keep clean than their wooden or bamboocounterparts. More importantly, the plastic used in the board is polypropylene plastic, making it preferred over common plastic cutting boards made of polyethelene. This plastic material resists scratches, odor, and bacterial – win, win, and win (except for the bacteria, of course)!

Size: Oxo cutting boards come in a variety of sizes depending on the amount of chopping, slicing, and dicing you do. We recommend the larger 15 x 21 cutting board (you know we’re always in the kitchen), but Oxo allows has a great 10.5 by 15 board that’s perfect if you’re on a tighter budget or have a very small work space. And remember, it’s really important to have designated boards for meats and veggies, so you don’t cross contaminate. Getting one small and one big board is the perfect solution.

 Grip/Design:  We love the design because the raised edges (your choice of either black or red) provide an easy grip necessary for a steady, non-slip cutting, and chopping surface. There is also a juice groove that keeps your work area clean (well, it helps anyway).

 Cutting Board Hygiene

Once you purchase your cutting boards, it is important to have a protocol on hand to keep them clean, sparkling, and at your service in the kitchen!  This is nothing crazy or hard. You’ll just purchase a 32 oz. plastic spritz bottle, fill it with a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (you can easily pick-up this up at any supermarket or pharmacy), and use that to spritz your cutting board periodically. You can use this bottle for more than just cleaning your cutting boards: general kitchen cleaner, freshener, and disinfectant.

Go get your cutting boards and get to chopping – we know you’ll love this purchase!

On a tighter budget? Try this smaller cutting board: Oxo Good Grips 10.5 by 15 cutting board, black edge



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