Himalayan Sea Salt


The Naked Radish Recommendation: Spice Lab’s Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt 

Sadly, the salt that is typically at the grocery store and used at restaurants is not real salt; it’s iodized salt produced in a factory. Like most processed foods these days, iodized salt (or table salt) lacks the quality, taste, and safety that real Himalayan salt provides. Here’s why:

  • Iodized salt is stripped of over 80 minerals in a “cleaning process” (no thanks!)
  • The only mineral added back in is iodine, because it’s the one mineral linked to a specific disease – goiter (google at your own risk)
  • Iodized salt creates inflammation and dehydration in our bodies and cells as our bodies fight the unnatural chemical process and ingredients
  • Table salt lacks the natural flavor of the earth – this is subtle, but does make a difference when seasoning your foods

On the other hand, Himalayan sea salt is the real deal. It’s hand mined from salt caves formed over 250 million years ago and is unprocessed – meaning it isn’t stripped of its 84 natural minerals. What’s really cool is that these 84 minerals are the exact minerals that make up our human bodies! Talk about giving our bodies some good ol’ lovin’. Plus, Himalayan salt forms deep in the caves of the Himalayan Mountains and hasn’t been exposed to all the toxins and environmental pollutants we often see today.

It’s important that you use Himalayan sea salt and not just salt labeled “sea salt”. All salt is sea salt, so that doesn’t really tell you too much (and you know marketers these days like to try and trick us). However, Himalayan sea salt tells you the area it comes from and you know it’s not processed.

A pet peeve we have at the Naked Radish is the idea that salt is bad for you. Let’s all stop giving salt a bad rap and focus on the type of salt. When it’s real salt (not the fake, processed crap), you’re actually giving your body the minerals it needs – while enhancing the flavor of foods. You can stop fearing salt when you start using Himalayan sea salt.

So the next time you hear that all salt is the same (or our personal favorite that iodine is good for you so iodized salt must be good too), share with others the truth. We all deserve health and wellness and many times it’s just a lack of information (but don’t be a jerk about it – nobody likes that).

Go get your Spice Lab’s Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt that’s ready to use! Besides cooking, you can even throw some in the bath and enjoy the benefits of a salt bath. You’ll have plenty to use with this 2.2 lb bag (maybe even share some with your friends and family).

To your health!

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