The Amazing Nut-Milk Bag from Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Planet


The Naked Radish Recommendation: Elaina Love’s Amazing Nut Milk Bag

For those of you  who are reducing or eliminating conventional dairy from your diets, homemade nut milks or seed milks serve as a delicious alternative. Yes, we can buy nut milks in cartons but why spend the extra money when RAW nut milk is easy, fresh, and high in protein, quality fats, and energy. Making nut milk is super easy and fun for all ages. [Please see our recipe section for 3 simple recipes that will keep you stocked in yummy nut/seed milks. I have also included one recipe for rice milk.]

The purpose of a nut milk bag is to strain the nut pulp from the milk after the nuts and water are ground in the blender. What is created is a creamy, protein rich, calcium rich, zinc rich milk. The nut pulp, which remains in the bag, can be thrown out or used in recipes or beauty scrubs.

See below on how to milk the bag: Fun for all ages!!

- Place your nut milk bag into either a large bowl or a 4 cup large measuring cup.

- Pour your nut puree into the bag.

- With recently washed hands, pick up the bag and gently begin squeezing the bag as you would the udder of a cow.

- Gently continue to press and squeeze until the largest portion of milk is extracted. A firmer squeeze be applied to get the remaining milk extracted from the pulp.

- All done. Fresh and RAW. Perfection!

The reason I love, use, and highly recommend Elaina Love’s Amazing Nut Milk Bag is it’s construction and material. This nut milk bag is made from 100% sturdy nylon. It is a fine mesh nylon that filters out only the milk without any pulp passing thru the mesh. This nylon material is much stronger that the cheese cloth bags or some of the organic materials of other bags.  This bag also works better that using a plain metal strainer as the holes of a strainer are not tiny enough and particles will come thru the strainer into the milk making a choking feeling in your throat. We want smoooooth nut milk : ) !

This nut milk bag does not stretch out of shape and it can be squeezed and twisted in many directions to get all the milk out of the pulp without causing any spilt seams or bulges. It also has a great oval shape for placing inside large measuring cups or bowls.

An additional use for nut milk bags is juicing. The first application is … if you don’t own a juicer, you can blend fruits and veggies in a blender. Put this puree into the nut milk bag, hang the nut milk bag from a cabinet and allow it to drain into a large bowl. Use your hands to press out the remaining juice. The second application is…if you are using a juicer, additional juice is in your juice pulp. Place the vegetable pulp into the nut milk bag and squeeze. Up to an additional cup of juice can be found from milking the vegetable pulp.

What I also like about this bag is that it can be cleaned using hydrogen peroxide and water mixed together to refresh the bag. If your bag begins to look tired and it needs freshening, here is a recipe that will refresh your bag to new.

To clean: mix together 1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide and 2/3 cup filtered water. Soak bag for 15 minutes then rinse with clear water.

Enjoy your delicious, home-made, creamy nut milks made easy with Elaina Love’s Amazing Nut Milk Bag!

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