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The Naked Radish Recommendation: The Vert Juicer HRT350 by Omega

The big deal, the headline story, the happy dance = The JUICER!

You’ve heard of juicing and now you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the green elixir of health = good idea.

Rest easy knowing that we here at the Naked Radish have everything you need to get started and succeed at being a home juicer.  Fasten your seatbelt, you’re in for a wonderful journey of wellness and vibrant energy!

10 years ago, when I was in the market for my first juicer, I was in quite the quandry with the number of options out there.  Today, we are inundated with juicing options and I’m happy to share my first hand account of which works the best, and why.  I have used the Omega 2003 for 10 years and I have loved this machine like it was one of my kids; you wind up falling in love with appliances that give you so much life. However, I’ve outgrown that juicer and wanted something that was more user-friendly and easier to clean.

The Vert Juicer HRT350 by Omega offers the following features:

- Low speed juicing which helps maintain the integrity of the enzymes and healing properties of the juice.

- Fast clean up, only requires a light rinsing and brushing (approximately 2 minutes).

- It’s quiet…your kids can sleep soundly through your juicing adventures.

- Extremely high quality juice, the best tasting juice I’ve made!

It’s important to know the difference between the two types of juicers:

1) Single Auger - This type of juicer turns slowly, which presses the juice up against an extremely hard surface known as the auger. As the vegetable is pressed against the auger, juice will be released from the vegetable/fruit and separated out by a fine mesh screen. The juice comes out one spout and the pulp comes out another.

Single Auger juicers spin at only 80 rpm (revolutions per minute) which is slow enough to NOT create heat. This is a good thing because it creates a juice that contains all the enzymes, life, and innate properties of the fresh vegetable/fruit which we are harnessing to give us life.

This type of juicer is the newest technology in juicing and the next evolution from the centrifuge juicer.

2) Centrifuge - This type of juicer spins on the inside. It is the spinning that allows the juice to be extracted from the vegetable/fruit. The motor is strong enough to create a high speed of spinning and with that high speed, when the vegetable/fruit is placed through the feeder tube and it meets up with a fine mesh screen, juice is created by separating out the juice from vegetable.

Centrifuge juicers spin at about 10,000 rpm (revolutions per minute) which is quite fast spinning. Centrifuge juicers were the first type of juicers to come on the market for home use, think – The Jack LaLane, high five Jack!!

The upside is the spinning makes it quick, the downside is the spinning oxidizes the juice a bit.  Though this is not ideal, it is okay, because – well everything is a trade off; less juice than a single auger and the proof is in the wetness of the pulp.

Basically, the difference is in the way the juice comes out and the quality of that juice. Having said that, ANY JUICE is better than NO JUICE. Juicing will assist you in achieving your goals whether they be weight loss, hot mama and pop status, athletic prowess, clearer mind, beautiful skin, and on on on on on to the sun!!

Everyone asks, what about the pulp?

Well yes, pulp is good, but when juicing we eliminate the pulp, which eliminates digestion and allows the liquid elixir of life to go right into our cells for high nutrition and alkalizing.

People report way less hunger when juicing because of the nutrient dense properties of the vegetables and fruits. The body has been satiated with minerals and vitamins so it is not looking and CRAVING for fuel. Through juicing, your body is fueled with brain lightening, clean energy, and nutrition for the body.

Now that you know the difference in the two types of juicers (and our personal recommendation), it’s easy to decide which to purchase; we’ve got your back!

The Naked Radish Recommendation: The Vert Juicer HRT350 by Omega

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Happy Juicing!

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