Skin Brush – Your Cellulite Cure


The Naked Radish Recommendation: Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush

What is skin brushing and Why is it important?

Skin Brushing will change your skin and health in less than 5 minutes per day! It is easy, free, done in the privacy of your own home and it is a power house of beauty and deep health. It is one of the best kept secrets that everyone should know about.  Begin by using a natural bristle brush everyday, preferably in the morning.  Just below the skin sits 70% of our lymph system and it can be moved by skin brushing. Lymph nodes are in our neck, under our arms, and in our groin; the lymph system is the fluid that travels through the body which carries toxins and waste out of the body. It needs to be cleansed too!  Lymph is a circulatory system too but there is no pump to move the fluid so it relies on breathing, muscle, and body movement. You are the pump of your lymph system and the skin brush is your tool.

The lymphatic system it is a major source of fighting infection, viruses, and bacteria. When we skin brush we are stimulating blood flow, nerves and lymph. You can effect 70% of your lymph system by skin brushing.

My hands down favorite skin brush is the Yerba Prima Tampico Skin Brush. The head is the perfect size and fits nicely in the hand, the bristles are made from 100% vegetable tampico fiber which is the unbleached stem of the agave plant, the hardwood body and handle are strong, natural, and also unbleached, the price is right (incredibly cheap) and will give you years of service. When it is time to replace, simply purchase another one, but they last for years and years!! It is one of the least expensive, hardest working, high value health tools you will purchase. This is the type of brush you will find in professional beauty salons due to the feel and quality. The total length of the brush with the handle is 16”. The handle is awesome because it can be put on or taken off and for dry skin brushing you will want to remove the handle to have the focus of your pressure on the head of the brush not the handle.

The immense health benefits of the skin brush have been explained above but how can this simple tool help you to look and feel more radiant & vibrant?! The brushes assists to stimulate collagen and elastin which helps dry or marked skin to become smooth, clear and it will help thin skin to gain tone and correct texture.

Skin brushing exfoliates, clearing off dead skin cells and when your skin regenerates every 28 days, this daily ritual will keep your skin looking beautiful and renewed.

As you begin skin brushing and the lymphatic system clears the body of congestion, improving the immune system and providing us with optimal health, your skin will feel warm and tingly as it exfoliates dead skin and breaks up cellulite caused by trapped toxins and fat.  It will feel like sand paper when you start so please, go slowly and be kind to yourself. Within 2 weeks you will be a pro body brusher feeling like a sleek stallion having a brush before the big race across the open fields. Invigorating!

Think of children jumping on a bed, swinging on a swing, or turning upside down on the monkey bars. These are all ways of moving and activating lymph. If you have the opportunity to swing on a swing you will remember the sense of movement from being up high and moving downward repeatedly. Get to a park and swing yourself healthy. Get a mini indoor trampoline/rebounder. Do a shoulder stand, hand stand, or head stand in yoga. And Body Brush Daily!!!

How to Skin Brush:

- Brush towards the heart.

- Start with your feet and ankles, brushing over your toes, top of foot, ankles and over the calf area. Focus on the back of the knee as this is a location of lymph glands.

- Come up over the thigh area and focus on the groin another area of lymph node. Brush over your butt and up your lower back. Brush from your groin over your abdomen.

- Take a pause on the abdomen to brush from the right to the left in a circle which will stimulate your colon area. Continue you up your abdomen to under your breast breast area.

- At the breast area come up between the breast towards your collar bone area for a few strokes. Now brush your breast area from under your arm pit towards the nipple, come under the breast brushing inward and on top of the breast brushing downward.

- From collar bone downward. From under arm up over arm pit. Now from tips of fingers to armpit. Now from spine to underarm area.

Along with improved food & water, Skin Brushing is the true cellulite cure!

Happy Brushing!

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