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I’m about to let you know in on the best kept beauty secret of the past century. These are truly little gems, super duper helpers, a woman’s easy beauty treatment and they are cheap too!

I am pleased to introduce you to….Frownies.

Frownies are little paper triangles that reduce and eliminate frown lines between the eyebrows. A furrowed brow is a sign of stress, worry, and aging – all things to which we say, “No, thank you.” Frownies train your brow to stay unlined and taught. Wearing them at night is a mini, secret, face lift that smoothes concentration lines and thinking furrows between the eyebrows. They literally smooth out the skin.

How did I come to use Frownies and why?

After waking up several times in the middle of the night and looking in the mirror I noticed that my brow was particularly furrowed while sleeping. Now, how could I effect a change in a furrowed brow when I was sleeping? I received the PERFECT ANSWER shortly after asking that exact question. The answer was, and is, Frownies.

They were first brought to the attention of a new generation of users on an Oprah Show in the 1990’s but the company was actually created in 1889 by Margaret Kroesen to help her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, who had developed unsightly frown lines between her brows and wrinkles too. By the 1930’s word was spreading about these little patches that created smooth skin. Frownies remained for many years a relatively well-kept beauty secret between Broadway and Hollywood stars and their makeup artists. They were used by Olivia de Havilland who ordered Frownies, and had them sent to her at hotels all over the world and Gloria Swanson who wore them in Sunset Boulevard, one of the greatest movies about Hollywood ever made.

Frownies are a holistic way to smooth frown lines and wrinkles – The alternative, Botox, is expensive and comes with possible side effects. Although Botox is used by many people, do we want to be injecting toxins into our eyebrow area when we don’t really know the long term effects?

The basic idea is to smooth out the muscle that is creating the wrinkle or frown. Frownies are worn during sleep when we are often unaware that we are frowning. The muscle is smoothed and relaxed and the frown lines gone by the morning. Using Frownies regularly creates a smooth and unfurrowed brow line without using chemicals or toxins . It may take up to two weeks to start seeing the change, but you will 100% see a change in your brow line wrinkles.

Another great time to use Frownies is during exercise. If you exercise independently, at home, or if you are a walker/jogger, Frownies will help you be frown free during your workout. Visiting a gym or class work out situations might not be the place to wear your Frownies, but I will tell you, if you do, you will have many inquiries as to “What is that on your forehead?” They are so wonderful and unique that your friends will soon be wearing them too.

Cleaning house can also be a time of furrowing the brow, using them during this time is a great idea!!

Look no further, than the amazing Frownies for your immediate beautifying needs!

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