Spirulina – The green nectar of life.

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Spirulina Spirulina is a unique superfood that grows in freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. While many people mistake spirulina for a plant or algae, it’s actually a type of bacteria (a good bacteria, of course) called … Continued

Complete: Ladles

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Stainless Steel Ladle Ladles are not just for serving soups; they are important in juicing too. The same principle with soups applies to juicing: you are moving liquid and the best way to do that is … Continued

Himalayan Sea Salt

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Spice Lab’s Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt  Sadly, the salt that is typically at the grocery store and used at restaurants is not real salt; it’s iodized salt produced in a factory. Like most processed foods these … Continued

Draw Organizers

InterDesign Organizer for Juice Lids and Caps. http://www.amazon.com/InterDesign-Linus-Pullz-Dividers-Clear/dp/B002HRNT3Y/ref=sr_1_3?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1343577733&sr=1-3&keywords=interdesign InterDesign Drawer Organizer 5265 http://www.amazon.com/InterDesign-Linus-Drawer-Organizer-52650/dp/B000WH5BK0/ref=pd_sim_hg_19

The Vert Juicer – The greatest bang for your buck!

The Naked Radish Recommendation: The Vert Juicer HRT350 by Omega The big deal, the headline story, the happy dance = The JUICER! You’ve heard of juicing and now you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the green elixir of … Continued

Carly’s Famous Banana Nut Bites

* I created these while I was studying abroad in Australia and lacking healthy alternatives to satisfy my sweet cravings. They’ve been a crowd pleaser for years now. Ingredients: Banana, raw Almond Butter, hemp seeds, shredded Coconut, raw almonds & … Continued

Vitamix- Queen of the Blenders

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Vita-Mix 5026 with 64 oz. container  Look no further that the Vita-Mix for your new best friend in the kitchen! The Vita-Mix is the most versatile, super-powered, sturdy, and reliable blender on the market; I use … Continued

Strainer & Spatula

Naked Radish Recommendations for Juicing: Strainer & Spatula You’ve prepared your green elixir of health, and it’s sitting in a stainless steel bowl.  Awesome, Step 1, done!  Now it’s time to separate the pulp from the juice. You do this by pouring the … Continued