Spirulina – The green nectar of life.


The Naked Radish Recommendation: Spirulina

Spirulina is a unique superfood that grows in freshwater lakes, ponds, and rivers. While many people mistake spirulina for a plant or algae, it’s actually a type of bacteria (a good bacteria, of course) called cyanobacteria. It’s confused for a plant because of it’s blue-green color that comes from its chlorophyll content and its use of the sun as an energy source like plants and algae. Spirulina grows quickly, is easy to harvest, and provides vast health benefits – good news for us health conscious warriors!


Complete: Ladles

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Stainless Steel Ladle

Ladles are not just for serving soups; they are important in juicing too. The same principle with soups applies to juicing: you are moving liquid and the best way to do that is with a ladle.

Depending on your set up, you’ll likely need to move juice from a large bowl into smaller mason jars or glasses for drinking. Ladles are the easiest way to do this without spilling the green gold.

Ladles come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, but for juicing it’s best have a large ladle and a small-to-medium size cup. This ladle is perfect for transferring juice into a small glass (it’s fun to drink juice in a champagne glass!) or for transferring larger amount of juice into mason jars for storing.

It’s a good time to note that juicing is a lifestyle and not a fad or crash diet. The easier you make juicing, the more likely you are to stick with it long-term and reap the many health benefits for years to come.

Stainless Steel Ladle offers the following features:

- A long handle that lets you reach deep into a bowl or jar allowing you to better move the juice without spills or messes.

- A deep cup that allows you to move the maximum amount of juice at a time.

- The stainless steel material that makes them easy to wash, clean and shiny.

Sometimes I even like to take a little sip from the ladle as I’m moving juice into to my magic mason jars.

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Stainless Steel Ladle

We like our kitchen to look sleek and clean, and we know you do too – good taste and all!


Himalayan Sea Salt

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Spice Lab’s Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt 

Sadly, the salt that is typically at the grocery store and used at restaurants is not real salt; it’s iodized salt produced in a factory. Like most processed foods these days, iodized salt (or table salt) lacks the quality, taste, and safety that real Himalayan salt provides. Here’s why:

  • Iodized salt is stripped of over 80 minerals in a “cleaning process” (no thanks!)
  • The only mineral added back in is iodine, because it’s the one mineral linked to a specific disease – goiter (google at your own risk)
  • Iodized salt creates inflammation and dehydration in our bodies and cells as our bodies fight the unnatural chemical process and ingredients
  • Table salt lacks the natural flavor of the earth – this is subtle, but does make a difference when seasoning your foods

On the other hand, Himalayan sea salt is the real deal. It’s hand mined from salt caves formed over 250 million years ago and is unprocessed – meaning it isn’t stripped of its 84 natural minerals. What’s really cool is that these 84 minerals are the exact minerals that make up our human bodies! Talk about giving our bodies some good ol’ lovin’. Plus, Himalayan salt forms deep in the caves of the Himalayan Mountains and hasn’t been exposed to all the toxins and environmental pollutants we often see today.

It’s important that you use Himalayan sea salt and not just salt labeled “sea salt”. All salt is sea salt, so that doesn’t really tell you too much (and you know marketers these days like to try and trick us). However, Himalayan sea salt tells you the area it comes from and you know it’s not processed.

A pet peeve we have at the Naked Radish is the idea that salt is bad for you. Let’s all stop giving salt a bad rap and focus on the type of salt. When it’s real salt (not the fake, processed crap), you’re actually giving your body the minerals it needs – while enhancing the flavor of foods. You can stop fearing salt when you start using Himalayan sea salt.

So the next time you hear that all salt is the same (or our personal favorite that iodine is good for you so iodized salt must be good too), share with others the truth. We all deserve health and wellness and many times it’s just a lack of information (but don’t be a jerk about it – nobody likes that).

Go get your Spice Lab’s Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt that’s ready to use! Besides cooking, you can even throw some in the bath and enjoy the benefits of a salt bath. You’ll have plenty to use with this 2.2 lb bag (maybe even share some with your friends and family).

To your health!

USe it to make sole.


Produce Sweater Box – Cleaning fruits & veggies in 1/2 the time.

The Naked Radish Recommendation: Clear Plastic Storage Box

When I say sweater box, yes, I mean the big plastic bins you store your winter sweaters in under your bed! However, there’s now a new and innovate way to put these babies to work…I have turned mine into a washing receptacle to clean my fruits & veggies in half the time!! When you juice as much as I do, these boxes will truly save you hours.

I LOVE my Produce Sweater Box; it’s where dirt, debris and the traveling lady bugs can be gently washed away in preparation for juicing. The days of  washing 1 to 5 leaves of romaine under running water in the faucet, or washing 3 stalks of celery by hand are over. I tell you, this Produce Sweater Box and some stainless steel bowls will increase your produce consumption forever because they make it soooo easy to wash produce. In the big restaurants, they use stainless steel sinks filled with water to wash large quantities of produce.

Now, we can do the same in our home kitchens!

When I started my health journey, I kept reading “fill your sink up with water and wash your veggies.” What, are you crazy?? You know what goes in that sink??? Chicken washings and floor washings. Uh huh, not putting my produce in there.

How to care for your Produce Sweater Box:
I never use soap on the inside of my Produce Sweater Box because I don’t want soap lingering onto my vegetables. There is no fat, scum, or grime involved in the washing of veggies; just some dirt that gets rinsed away, so no soap is required.

Simply rinse off the box, dry the outside and place on a shelf, in a cabinet, or in a pantry. My stainless steel bowls and Produce Sweater Box sit on an open air shelf above my fridge. I love seeing them there.

They are my trusty friends, ready to serve and happy to do it!!

To utilize your produce sweater box for speedy cleaning, follow the steps below:

1. Fill your produce sweater box 1/2 way with water.

2. Submerse your whole fruits and veggies into the water and gently massage away the dirt, lingering bugs and grocery store debris.

3. Remove from produce sweater box and shake off the remaining water.

4. Transfer to the stainless steel bowls for Step #2 of your juicing journey!

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until all of your produce is clean.

For your juicing needs, the The Naked Radish Recommendation is: Clear Plastic Storage Box.

Happy washing, my friends!


Draw Organizers

InterDesign Organizer for Juice Lids and Caps.


InterDesign Drawer Organizer 5265




The Vert Juicer – The greatest bang for your buck!

The Naked Radish Recommendation: The Vert Juicer HRT350 by Omega

The big deal, the headline story, the happy dance = The JUICER!

You’ve heard of juicing and now you’re interested in getting up close and personal with the green elixir of health = good idea.

Rest easy knowing that we here at the Naked Radish have everything you need to get started and succeed at being a home juicer.  Fasten your seatbelt, you’re in for a wonderful journey of wellness and vibrant energy!

10 years ago, when I was in the market for my first juicer, I was in quite the quandry with the number of options out there.  Today, we are inundated with juicing options and I’m happy to share my first hand account of which works the best, and why.  I have used the Omega 2003 for 10 years and I have loved this machine like it was one of my kids; you wind up falling in love with appliances that give you so much life. However, I’ve outgrown that juicer and wanted something that was more user-friendly and easier to clean.

The Vert Juicer HRT350 by Omega offers the following features:

- Low speed juicing which helps maintain the integrity of the enzymes and healing properties of the juice.

- Fast clean up, only requires a light rinsing and brushing (approximately 2 minutes).

- It’s quiet…your kids can sleep soundly through your juicing adventures.

- Extremely high quality juice, the best tasting juice I’ve made!

It’s important to know the difference between the two types of juicers:

1) Single Auger - This type of juicer turns slowly, which presses the juice up against an extremely hard surface known as the auger. As the vegetable is pressed against the auger, juice will be released from the vegetable/fruit and separated out by a fine mesh screen. The juice comes out one spout and the pulp comes out another.

Single Auger juicers spin at only 80 rpm (revolutions per minute) which is slow enough to NOT create heat. This is a good thing because it creates a juice that contains all the enzymes, life, and innate properties of the fresh vegetable/fruit which we are harnessing to give us life.

This type of juicer is the newest technology in juicing and the next evolution from the centrifuge juicer.

2) Centrifuge - This type of juicer spins on the inside. It is the spinning that allows the juice to be extracted from the vegetable/fruit. The motor is strong enough to create a high speed of spinning and with that high speed, when the vegetable/fruit is placed through the feeder tube and it meets up with a fine mesh screen, juice is created by separating out the juice from vegetable.

Centrifuge juicers spin at about 10,000 rpm (revolutions per minute) which is quite fast spinning. Centrifuge juicers were the first type of juicers to come on the market for home use, think – The Jack LaLane, high five Jack!!

The upside is the spinning makes it quick, the downside is the spinning oxidizes the juice a bit.  Though this is not ideal, it is okay, because – well everything is a trade off; less juice than a single auger and the proof is in the wetness of the pulp.

Basically, the difference is in the way the juice comes out and the quality of that juice. Having said that, ANY JUICE is better than NO JUICE. Juicing will assist you in achieving your goals whether they be weight loss, hot mama and pop status, athletic prowess, clearer mind, beautiful skin, and on on on on on to the sun!!

Everyone asks, what about the pulp?

Well yes, pulp is good, but when juicing we eliminate the pulp, which eliminates digestion and allows the liquid elixir of life to go right into our cells for high nutrition and alkalizing.

People report way less hunger when juicing because of the nutrient dense properties of the vegetables and fruits. The body has been satiated with minerals and vitamins so it is not looking and CRAVING for fuel. Through juicing, your body is fueled with brain lightening, clean energy, and nutrition for the body.

Now that you know the difference in the two types of juicers (and our personal recommendation), it’s easy to decide which to purchase; we’ve got your back!

The Naked Radish Recommendation: The Vert Juicer HRT350 by Omega

On a tighter budget? Check out: Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain

Happy Juicing!

Carly’s Famous Banana Nut Bites

* I created these while I was studying abroad in Australia and lacking healthy alternatives to satisfy my sweet cravings. They’ve been a crowd pleaser for years now.

Ingredients: Banana, raw Almond Butter, hemp seeds, shredded Coconut, raw almonds & local honey (if possible!)

Makes 10 – 15 banana bites.

  1. Peel 1 ripe banana sliced into 1 inch pieces
  2. Place banana slices flat onto a plate
  3. Put a small amount of almond butter on the banana slice
  4. Sprinkle shredded coconut & hemp seeds on top
  5. Top with 1 almond per banana slice
  6. Drizzle honey across the plate – making sure each bite gets some goodness
  7. Freeze for minimum 3 hours

 *Now you have a sweet treat ready to rock at a moments notice! Enjoy